5: Barriers to Care – The Importance of Accessible Knowledge and Training in Low Resource Settings

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We are delighted to be joined by the incredible Dr. Brian Madison, president of South Sudan Orthopaedics and Trauma Society. Dr. Madison is an orthopaedic surgeon with a passion for global surgery. He is a dedicated advocate for the improvement of surgical systems in Africa. Born in Eastern Equatoria, before South Sudan was even recognized as an independent country, he comes from humble beginnings. After medical school in Khartoum, Sudan, Brian returned home to Torit; a no-man’s land of healthcare infrastructures. He loves his country, and describes his province as “paradise”. With passion and drive, he created his own career opportunities. From a surgical residency position in Tanzania to an orthopaedic trauma fellowship in Canada, he acquired the skillset needed to become one of only 11 orthopaedic surgeons in South Sudan.

He discusses the geographical, socioeconomic, and political barriers to accessing surgical care in South Sudan and provides insightful commentary regarding their current healthcare environment and how it may improve. We discuss the implications of low resources, brain drain, and conflict hindering the progression of South Sudan as a country. He excitingly announces the recent launching of his country’s Orthopaedic Surgery Society, of which he is the president. Their goal is to build a training program for orthopaedic surgery in their country, and partnerships with high-income countries’ academic institutions can help play a supportive role through clinical exchanges and capacity-building in research. Tune in to hear the astute perspective of Dr. Madison regarding the evolution of global surgery and the importance of establishing infrastructure which supports the sharing of knowledge and training.

Dr. Brian Madison on Twitter: @madisonbrian85
South Sudan Orthopaedics and Trauma Society: https://ssorthotrauma.com

instagram: ott_globalsurgery
email: offthetablepod21@gmail.com

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