On Demand Law Office Podcast: For Solo Lawyers and Small Firm Attorneys

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The best podcast for practicing lawyers and their support staff to learn new tips, hacks, and tactics to streamline legal systems and processes that will make your productivity soar. On Demand Law Office will equip you and your team to use the tools that are available to you and will recommend some of the more common tools that will make your practice better. We will focus this podcast on the practice of law from the lawyer's perspective and from the paralegal's perspective. We believe that in order for lawyers to succeed the paralegal must be equipped. It takes too much time out of a lawyers day to equip paralegals so we decided that we can help with that. As practicing lawyers, we all get caught up in the day to day legal issues. That is why we went to law school, after all. But more is necessary. We have to be intentional about our cases, about our team management, about our businesses. We need to build a business that will work for us in the long run, instead of the other way around. Being in the trenches of the practice of law is tough. Let us help you make it a little bit easier. You can find us at www.ondemandlawoffice.

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