The Middle of Middle Age – OHS 291

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Today, Tuesday November 29th 2022 I turned 54 years old. I just want to share a few things that have been popping up for me at this time on social media. Thanks for listening! I invite you to share this podcast, offer a comment or leave some feedback. Show Notes: A cool YouTuber named @Sprouht asks older people a series of questions about aging, being old, and advice to pass on to younger people. Resources: Will Rossy - @Sprouht Contact. Follow. Share. instagram | facebook | twitter | pinterest How to review the podcast on iTunes If you enjoyed, benefited or were impacted by the podcast, it would be beyond cool if you’d take a minute and write a review on iTunes. To do that, click on the iTunes link or launch the iTunes podcast app on your computer or phone. Search for One Hand Speaks, select the album art for the show, select ratings and reviews and then write your review. Big thanks and appreciation. Please spread and share if you feel others will benefit and enjoy and leave a comment or offer feedback.

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