125. Banking on Net Zero with Noel Quinn

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The way to Net Zero is through the bank.

One of the major questions at COP26 is, “How are we going to finance the transition to Net Zero?” From shifting investments away from fossil fuels, to boosting the speed and scale of green companies bringing forward the necessary solutions to creating a sustainable future for people and planet.

...And profit.

This week, we’re joined by Group Chief Executive of HSBC, Noel Quinn. He recently committed HSBC, with an impressive $3 trillion balance sheet, to have a completely Net Zero portfolio by 2050, and have their own supply chain and operations Net Zero by 2030. All the while significantly expanding their investment in green finance, creating a philanthropic program and clean technology venture fund.

We are also joined this week by guest co-host Kelly Clark, Director of Finance & Capital Market Transformation at The Laudes Foundation. Her day job is reimagining our current economic system and redefining value to go beyond shareholder interest.

It’s a fascinating conversation and essential to bring about the radical systems change we need to see.

Join us!

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