Staci Griesbach – “My George Jones Songbook”

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Staci Griesbach returns to Paradigms to share her new record My George Jones Songbook. Covering songs from the great Country singer/songwriter George Jones, Staci brings this music into the Jazz world with new arrangements, bringing her own emotions and meanings to this iconic material.

This is Staci’s third “songbook” album. First there was My Patsy Cline Songbook and then My Shania Twain Songbook. Staci brings great Country Music to Jazz, offering new colors and feelings to time honored and well loved songs and the artists who originally made them well-known. Staci collaborates with brilliant musicians like Tamir Hendelman, Jeremy Siskind, Otmaro Ruiz, Rahsaan Barber, and Addison Frei.

This new album is a great listen. Griesbach and company have made something that will make you smile, feel, remember.

Music by: Staci Griesbach

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