Sweetums Part 2!

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We're back!!!!! We hit the ground running with David Hadinger's interview (thank you so much David- also omg should we buy merch?), and we also hear from our favorite chanting townsperson, Jeffrey Markle! (His music is linked below too, what!) Then we finish things off with some gasp worthy deleted scenes and of course a vote on what the town should do about Sweetums in the Parks concessions.
Thank you again so much to all of the amazing people who joined us for this episode, you make our dreams come true! Stay tuned also for next week because we have guests galore!
David Hadinger aka Jesus made sugar: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1693778/
Jeffrey Markle aka Chanting Man/Chance: https://www.jeffreymarkle.com/page4
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Holly and Madi
Music by @seantrainormusic
Art cover by @sketch.it.snips

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