Leftists Getting Owned | 9/21/22

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NyQuil can be used as a dressing on chicken?! Only in America can illegal aliens sue Ron DeSantis over Martha’s Vineyard flights. Two million encounters at the border happened this year. How much will Americans put up with? A small border-town farmer had his farm under siege by a dangerous group of illegal immigrants. Biden continues to mislead on who is truly to blame for the border crisis. Miami Beach has an infestation of iguanas, and the city is letting residents shoot them. We are STILL sending more cash to Ukraine during an inflation crisis. Is there a way to make full-contact golf? Don Lemon gets an unexpected answer during an interview, and he almost doesn’t know how to respond. Sunny from "The View" attacks Nikki Haley over her name; Nikki Haley responds. Leftists just keep getting owned. It’s not just America: People all over the world are angry about high energy costs.

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