Gift in Me- Wanje Ivan

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This world is sometimes a very small place where you might be able to connect with people whom you would never have connected with before. Today's guest Wanje Ivan is a man who connected with me and became an Angel in my life.

Wanje runs a NGO whose mission is to reduce the number of children dropping out of school in his community and in Uganda. He does this by creating a safe space where he can nurture and develop the talents in performance and creative arts of the local children.

Every child matters and deserves the best opportunities in life. Two-thirds of children in Uganda drop out of school before completing their primary education. 67% of children living in Kampala slums do not attend school. Out of the 91% children that enroll for primary school, 53% complete primary and only 34% complete secondary school education

Wanje and his organization is making a difference in the world

If you can support his organization and check him out on Facebook or at his website:

I would enjoy hearing from you if you would like to connect then can find me, Uncle Dave on most social media as David Chametzky, we do have a facebook page for Peace, Love and Bring a Bat or just drop an email:

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