Mitchell S. Cairo, MD - Achieving Consensus on Modern VOD/SOS Management: A Guide to Disease Recognition, Classification, and Treatment in Adults and Pediatric Patients

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Go online to to view the activity, download slides and practice aids, and complete the post-test to earn credit. In this activity, an expert in hematology discusses the recognition, classification, and treatment of adult and pediatric patients with veno-occlusive disease and sinusoidal obstruction syndrome. Upon completion of this activity, participants should be better able to: Cite updated recommendations and evidence on veno-occlusive disease/sinusoidal obstruction syndrome (VOD/SOS) risk factors, diagnostic criteria, and disease severity grading, Establish a diagnosis of VOD/SOS, including late-onset disease, and VOD/SOS with or without organ dysfunction in adult and pediatric populations, Recommend effective, timely treatment for patients with confirmed VOD/SOS, including those presenting with or without organ dysfunction.

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