Star Trek: TNG (w/6 & 40 Brewing)/ Belgian Golden Strong Ale

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We're boldly brewing what no one has brewed before... on this podcast!

Joined by Josh and Jose of 6 & 40 Brewing out of Lakewood Colorado ( we talk the best Star Trek - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Being the awesome gents they are we brewed a Belgian Golden Strong Ale aged in wine barrels. It's delicious! Listen to hear all about it!

Four Lights Belgian String Ale (5 Gallons)

(90 min mash, 180 min boil)


12lb 5.2oz Pilsner Malt

1lb 8.3oz Munich II

1lb 8.3oz Pale Malt


0.38oz Northern Brewer (60 mins)

0.44oz Hallertau Mittelfrau (15 mins)


1lb 8.3oz Belgian Candi Sugar (15 mins)


Wyeast 3711 French Saison Yeast

Age with French Wine Oak Chips

or Bourbon Soaked oak chips

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