(The Man Who Killed) Don Quixote/ Honey Lemon Blonde Ale

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We are tilting at windmills! For 5 years we toiled to learn how to create beer recipes, and then launched a podcast!

For 28 years Terry Gilliam tried to make a movie based on a book from the 1600s, failed, was subject to a notorious (and great) documentary. Struggled to make other movies, and then eventually was able to make his movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.

Join us as we travel 400 years from page to screen!

Honey Lemon Blonde (5 gallon)

(90 min mash, 90 min boil)


8lb of 2-Row

8oz Crystal 10l

8oz Vienna Malt


1oz Spalt (90 mins)


1lb Wildflower Honey (5 mins)

1oz Dried Lemonpeel (5 mins)

Whirlfloc (5 mins)


American Ale

For a variant, use Simpson's Ale base recipe, and add honey & Lemonpeel in last 5 mins

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