Episode 1 | You didn’t bring alcohol but you brought the KKK | The effects of Cancel Culture and what to do about it

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Privilege With Purpose Episode 1 | The effects of Cancel Culture and what to do about it

This is Privilege With Purpose with Daava Mills and Alena Francis. They are inviting you in on difficult conversations about topics that are normally only whispered about behind closed doors.

The idea for this episode came out of a conversation in a grocery store parking lot, with Daava recalling that she bought 2 huge cases of Snapple for her wedding because the owner of the property for the reception requested no alcohol. Alena responded "you didn't bring alcohol, but you brought the KKK?!"

In this episode, Daava and Alena discuss cancel culture, what it is, why we do it and what we can do about it. Specifically they discuss the differences between a boycott and cancel culture, the importance of researching the truth about rumors, and a biological explanation on why pandemic depression and anxiety may have caused a the recent surge in cancel culture.

Episode Highlights:

02:14 Jay Z started a boycott of Cristal Champagne

05:27 Difference between Boycott and Cancel Culture

06:44 Definition of Cancel Culture.

07:05 Cancel Culture is at the intersection of the dunning krueger effect and confirmation bias

12:40 Virtue signaling vs. problem solving: Why are we canceling instead of taking the time to celebrate other cultures.

17:05 Why has there been a surge of Cancel Culture since the pandemic

18:00 Are we using Cancel Culture to cope with our anxiety and depression?

24:00 What would Cristal have to do to win Alena back as a customer?

25:50 Once a racist always a racist

26:55 Privilege With Purpose Season 1 Preview

27:30 Once a racist always a racist, continued

32:37 Daava raps

33:06 What should people be doing to stop Cancel Culture and redefine our relationship with others.

36:48 Episode 2 Preview

Episode Links:

Jay Z Boycotts Cristal Champagne article

Snapple and the KKK

Snapple KKK Label

Snopes - is the Snapple/KKK rumor true:

Chick filA and the LGBTQ community

The Dunning Krueger Effect:

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