S3E03: ”Faith, Hope & Trick”

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School is back in session, but Buffy is still out of it. That doesn’t stop Willow, though, who wastes no time … pimping Buffy out to mild-mannered, eminently forgettable Scott Hope. Maybe Buffy can learn some tricks from the new Slayer in town, for Faith has rocked into Sunnydale to meet the famous “Buff” and get hungry and horny after some Slayage. Unfortunately, a business-savvy vampire and his ancient employer are on her tail, and even two Slayers not be enough.

Hear us discuss…

  • How much fun a teenage-focused opening is!
  • Faith’s dynamic with Buffy is so different from Kendra’s
  • Mr. Trick makes a great first impression
  • Stephanie really wants more excuses to use the word “kakistos”
  • Giles. GILES. You magnificent, clever, loving bastard


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