BOGIES AND GHOULIES - Season Three - HIDE by Sarah Golding (10+)

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A short horror story full of tension and ....horror for the BOGIES AND GHOULIES short season - Season Sarah Golding

  • Tom, a young boy cannot get to sleep - he hears something...someone breathing in his bedroom late at night. His mum, trying to get her work done tries to comfort him.

  • Tom convinces her to look for the 'monster'.

  • What she finds will shock her to her very core.
    Inspired by the two sentence horror story - Daddy, theres a boy under my bed,

I wrote this to scare the most....hardy and brave of horror loving souls to listen to. For the over tens - and parents/guardians/ listen first - it might be...too...scary MWAHAHAHAHAAA

All voices, music, editing and script by Sarah Golding - some sound effects from on Creative Commons licenses or made by Sarah!
Hope you enjoy this first...offering - more to come from Quirky Voices - keep an eye on the feed!
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