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Well how are you wonderful voice acting folks? You winning those auditions? You having THE BEST FFUNNN?? I am SO EXCITED to present today's episode OF MADIVA on Directing Voice Actors with Danyelle Ellett.
Of course there is not just one way of directing folks, so this season shares a few different folks ways in, organisational modus operandi and some fabulous top tips.
Today, As well as stellar voice acting top tips, we answer:

  • How can you know if you can marry and love someone forever?
  • Can you pirouette in a vocal booth?
  • What OTHER thing can you do under a duvet AS FUN AS VOICE ACTING?!
  • Who is the good and what is the pointe?


Dany is a force of good, positivity and audio awesome on the AF landscape - currently inspired, we find out she is writing her own groovy audio fiction podcast, appearing in a good few groovy podcasts (links below) and, here, we chart her journey into directing voice actors on her first full fiction collaboration - The Subjective Truth - made with Jeremy Ellett (her husband). Go listen It is awesome. And I would say that even if I wasn't in it! I mean....Addison Peacock AND Dany AND Mr Olivieri, Karin Heimdahl, Kristen Demercurio and mmmooore - WOW! Groovy cast!
I do hope folks start to take onboard some of the fabulous tips in this podcast ep, on working with your actors, but still giving them ownership, and finding those beats, having time for Impro and play and so much more!
Thanks so much to Dany for jumping on this MADIVA ep, and I do hope you go and listen to allllll of the shows she's linked the links!
At time of writing, there is ONE place left on my voice acting course - the Sunday 830pm BST session. Do join some other folks making their debuts / developing their good practice of the craft with meeee! Jump in here to claim that last place before kickoff this Sunday! Click here to find out more!
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