MADIVA PODCAST 406 - Alasdair Stuart and getting noticed, proactive and contract savvy.

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Hello all
Well here we are with ep 406 already and one of my fave creatives who I've enjoyed listening to and reading...joins me for some bantz...and we find out we went to the SAME university....AT THE SAME TIME. So. There's a little bit of fading in and out, as I guess you don't want to hear us regaling stories of crazy student days! (Though patreons had a longer peek!)
Alasdair is one of the groovy elements of electric creativity driving Escape Artists - Pseudopod, Podcastle and mmmoore! He can also be found on pods of awesome like The Rusty Quiil's Magnus Archives, and will soon be with a cool cast on St Kilda so watch out for that gem!
Here we talk all things How to get noticed, why folks should start a blog rather than talk about starting one, and a little on getting contract savvy.
Thank you for listening folks - and thanks humbly to Alasdair - my St John's alumni pal!
Am v excited to continue to bring you this stellar season of amazing folks who work in audio fiction as VA's producers and coaches and more. Next week, Marguerite Kenner talks about the business side of being a VA.
DO NOT miss it!

Feel free to write to me with any requests for guests or topics, or to let me know what you think of this and other seasons! I'd love a review or two n'all! Thanks folks and
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