Children March to End Gun Violence

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Feven Gerezgiher reports:

On Saturday, over 80 people participated in a children’s march to end gun violence in North Minneapolis. Organizers said the event was initiated by the family of 12-year-old London Bean who was shot and killed in September. A suspect has been identified, but is still on the run from police. Bean was the third child killed in a shooting in the neighborhood this year.

“None of these kids have gotten justice. Not even one. And that right there is a message within itself,” said Allegra Kennedy, Bean’s aunt and a long-time activist in North Minneapolis. She attended the march with her children. Kennedy says everyone should be getting involved before gun violence impacts their own families.

Four year-old Ariel Wells led the crowd in a chant demanding justice for the children whose lives had been claimed by gun violence. The event - a collaborative effort by several community organizations - included a celebration of children. Wisdom Young with the nonprofit Black Bold and Brilliant led a pledge affirming community values.

“I pledge to honor and protect all black life,” the crowd repeated after her. “I pledge to protect and value our beautiful black children. Our collective black future. We will win together. Ase.”

Young and other organizers urged those who attended to understand their collective responsibility to end gun violence.

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