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Maria Simone

As a realtor If you are doing a real estate transaction, sometimes it can fail because the financing couldn’t be secured. If you had another resource for funding, you could help your clients get financing and the transactions would go smoothly and faster.

Not to mention this extra value to your clients of getting the financing so they can fulfill their life’s dream of owning a home of their own.

Today we are going to talk about a resource for that alternative financing.


Dame Maria Simone is a “Soul and Money Catalyst” who has helped countless entrepreneurs over the years, grow and thrive in any business climate with mindful strategic planning and execution, abundant thinking, and access to funding and other resources.

This is in addition to growing multiple businesses that she has started. She is the Co-Founder of ZenMoose Capital, a Social Impact Fund that invests in and develops conscious media including films and TV shows and media related technologies.

She is also partnered with a network of over 220 lenders who offer unsecured, no collateral financing to help people transform their dreams into reality.


www.ZenMoneySolutions.com Unsecured loans up to $400K

"Fund your dream" www.facebook.com/mariasimone To schedule a call… https://moneycatalyst.as.me/

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