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Kevin Crowell

When someone is selling their home or buying a home, it’s crucial to have the price set correctly.

There are many items to consider when setting the price because the “right price” will result in a faster sale and ecstatic sellers.

My guest Kevin Crowell, a Realtor and an expert at determining the value of home shares his distinct strategies.


Real Estate "Change Agent"

In 1977, after graduating with a BA in Japanese Studies Kevin lived and worked in Japan for three years. Upon returning to the US he went to business school and worked for Japanese subsidiaries in the Chicago area.

In 1992 Kevin founded Japan Business Group to help US companies export high-tech products to Japan. He developed lasting relationships with his American and Japanese clients by listening to them and asking questions until he could effectively communicate their needs to their business partners in a way that would be understood and ultimately accepted.

He uses these same skills to bring buyers and sellers together in a real estate transaction.

In 1982, Kevin’s long-time interest in architecture and design lead him to settle in Oak Park, IL., home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s first home and studio. Now as a Realtor he indulges in his love of architecture and design.

Kevin's Contact: http://kevincrowell.bhhschicago.com/ kcrowell@bhhschicago.com

Kevin's Gift: Guide to the western suburbs of Chicago. https://www.kcrowell.com/podcast.html

My Gift: Transform Any Home Into a Dream Home Guide. Ideas and cost for magnificent changes. Great background for you and great information for your client. Get your guide here: www.StressFreeRemodelng.com/Transform

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