058 Success Strategies for Husbands and Wives Working Together with Mike Stewart

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Mike Stewart

Do you work at home more than you used to?

As you know many people are doing this more and more.

Sometimes more than one spouse and other family members are at home working and studying.

There may be two individuals working on their own business or they may be working together on a common business.

Being together 24/7 can be a challenge…

There are issues that can arise as there can be in a general office but those issues between husband and wife can be more difficult and sensitive to resolve.

In an office situation, one can leave and get and get another job. Working at home or working together, realistically, that isn't a practical solution.

Our guest Mike Stewart reveals how to deal with these kinds of situations successfully.


Mike is a Relationship Coach... Who loves empowering, educating, and inspiring married men and women to take back their power and create a vibrant marriage.

Mike provides tools to create new habits that transform your relationship with your spouse and recapture the magic in your marriage. He has been married for 33 years to his wife Valerie and has an adopted son named Lonnie who is married and has two children of his own.

Mike loves to take challenges he has overcome in his business and personal life to help other married couples create the marriage of their dreams and for entrepreneurs to love what they do.

Mike is a soon-to-be author working on his first book that chronicles his journey of leaving his corporate job after 30 years to pursue a career that would make a bigger difference in the world.





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