Episode 10: Core Blimey

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Welcome back to Realspace Raiders, the Drukhari podcast! We are an alliance of 4 Archons all hailing from the UK and cover everything from matched play and the competitive meta, painting and hobby discussions, background and lore and much, much more!
Join Paulie, George and Dom as they celebrate making it to the tenth episode! Scourge News highlights the new Core keyword and the certainty that we have no new codex in 2020.
The Archons discuss their favourite character builds before moving into a hobby focus on favourite paints and techniques. There is another matched play discussion, looking at most feared units from Imperial, Xenos and Chaos armies before the episode finishes with a Realspace Raid as Dark Techno Dom regales everyone with his great performance at a recent event.
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Realspace Raiders
Paulie - skyserpent40k
Dom - darktechnodom
Joe - subtlepainting
George - gmccoulough
Jon 'Scrivo' Scrivens
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Lightcycle by Gabe Miller
Acid Network by Eri

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