Episode 18: Vect Says LVNO

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Welcome back to Realspace Raiders, the Drukhari podcast! We are an alliance of Archons all hailing from the UK and cover everything from matched play and the competitive meta, painting and hobby discussions, background and lore and much, much more!
Join us for a bumper sized episode 18 of Realspace Raiders as we deliver three awesome interviews with Drukhari players from the Las Vegas NOpen!
We begin with the next instalment of the Archon Series as we sit down with JT McDowell of Play On Tabletop to talk all things Drukhari before the renowned Archon talks us through the creation of the successful Las Vegas NOpen Drukhari list.
Next we have an awesome discussion with the tactical genius that is Brian from Tabletop Titans as we recollect one of the best ever streamed games of 40k we've seen and how he approached the game as someone who had not played as Drukhari before...
To end the show we talk to one of the best 40k players in the world: Nick Nanavati! Nick shares with us his incredible knowledge and approach to the game!
This was an amazing episode to record and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did, a must listen for every Drukhari fan!
Thanks again to everyone that was part of the Las Vegas NOpen for putting on an incredible spectacle for all us fans to watch!
Stay safe and happy raiding!
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