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Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic discuss some of the international and national appreciation days and holidays that appear throughout the year. Every day is dedicated to one or more aspects of life that require us to acknowledge and provide our genuine appreciation for the day, such as splashing your friends by jumping into a puddle on January 11th! From having only one day to show kindness to our food servers, to a day dedicated to peculiar people, every day is cause for celebration.

Join us in our discussion! What international or national day do you observe that isn't normally shown in the yearly calendar? Do you like to pop bubble wrap specifically on the last Monday of every January? Maybe you don't participate in opposite day on January 25th (or do you?... not?) Perhaps you like to be kind to your food servers every day rather than simply one particular day of the year. Let us know all of your traditions and causes for observance and celebration!

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