Eyes on the Bread with Uncontrollable Powers - Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic

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We are halfway through August and time is flying! Days are becoming shorter quite literally as the Earth turns faster. While the difference is not major by any means, it's still happening! Who knows what will happen in the future? This is a question that will remain. Speaking of questions, we have more! Erratic and Red-Eye discuss the ever so hyper-realistic logistics of teleportation and other super powers. In addition, we reveal more of our potty mouths with our favorite swear words as we then reminisce on songs with less-than-genius lyrics and shows we would like to see more of.

Join us in our discussion! What super power(s) would you find annoying? What are you favorite swear words and insults? Are there any songs that you find to be simply mind-numbing with no beneficial aspects? Of course, we would love to hear about your favorite shows that you would like to have watched more of given the opportunity. Let us know everything!

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