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Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic dive into the particular international event of hot & spicy food day! We enjoy burning our taste buds off, and there's a whole day dedicated to it! January 16th is International Hot & Spicy Food Day in which people around the world can indulge in their preferred level of spice (as long as there is some spice)! Erratic has a new hot sauce he will try out, Red-Eye has some thinking to do. Likewise, we dive into some past experiences with spice in conjunction with the ever-changing levels at restaurants. Why is it that sometimes ordering a spicier dish results in less spice?

Join us in our discussion! What is your favorite spicy food to indulge? Do you prefer making spicy food at home or ordering out at a restaurant? What is the most spice that you can handle? Have you ever heard of the White Boy Special? Let us know everything!

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