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It's Easter time, and this means that a lot of us get a long weekend to enjoy. But not all of us were off for Good Friday, were you? Passing Easter, we have some more delicious days to celebrate like National Garlic Day. Garlic is a beloved ingredient that is used for many dishes, we certainly enjoy it and use garlic in almost everything (even if the recipe doesn't call for it!) Sometimes we even like to have garlic in whole pieces which provides us with great immunity to vampires, and, if we don't have a mint afterward, other people in general. Additionally the very important holiday of 4/20 is coming up. On this day you may also run into someone that you look a lot alike since it is also Look-a-Like Day. Though make sure that it isn't your celebration clouding your judgment of looks!

Join us in our talk! What did you do for Easter? Did you get Good Friday off as well as Monday? How often do you utilize garlic in your daily cooking? Perhaps you indulged in another delicious snack like cheddar fries? Are you aware of any doppelgangers you might have? And of course, tell us how your 4/20 is going to be or has been celebrated. We'd like to hear it all!

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