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June has begun! We are almost halfway through the year 2022. Time is flying and we know there are many ways you can spend this. You might enjoy the weather, whether a steady increase into the summer season or fluctuating back and forth between winter and spring like the Netherlands has been. You may also enjoy sitting inside and watching TV, you may even like to watch other peoples' real lives on TV. Regardless, with the weather starting to warm up, ice cream is a delectable treat that can be enjoyed no matter what you are planning to do. With today being a day for Love Island, Erratic dives into his fascination with watching over-the-top drama that real people embody in their daily lives. Much related to the idea of drama, we briefly dive into the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp which has now come to a conclusion, though we had recorded this beforehand (tune in next time when we acknowledge the results!)

Join us in our discussion! Are you looking forward to summer? What are you planning to do for this season? Do you like chocolate ice cream over other flavors? If chocolate is not your favorite (it's not ours!) what is your favorite flavor? Do you enjoy watching reality TV? If so, which shows do you find most enjoyable? Let us know!

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