The Cryptid Tapes: Bigfoot

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FBI Agents Rosales and Cole have been assigned to the new yet prestigious Cryptid Analysis Research Program. Their first mission is to investigate Bigfoot sightings in the small Missouri town of Fernsville. Will they find Bigfoot? Or is something else going on?

Elena Wisa as Agent Rosales
Clayton Hester as Agent Cole
Satyajit Sarkar as Director Benson
Brett Smith as Lan
Margo MacArthur as Geraldine
Sarah Grosse as Lorge Building Co Worker 1
Ana Wisa as Lorge Building Co Worker 2
Caitlin Dehne as Boss of Lorge Building Co and Airport Announcer
Jonathan Reynolds as Mr. Belmont
Annslee Clay as Erin and the Computer Voice
Gabrielle Freitas as Dakota

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