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The interference between two wavelengths in the same frequency at certain times can generate a sonic disturbance known as an antinode. This effect causes the maximum amplitude of two wavelengths whose resonance generates the same fundamental frequency. Antinode represents the perfect combination of contrast and symmetry in the electronic music world: the youth of Joel Sama and the experience of Alan Lockwood and their solid ride as DJs. The story begins on a Friday night in Barcelona. They both were attending some friends party. After a few drinks and some inspiring conversations, the idea of creating a duo foamed. From that point on, Joel and Alan joined efforts in the studio to investigate -and dissect- their sound from a technical perspective. This joint venture allowed them to identify their own, but shared, musical identity. It also allowed them to boost their performances during their sessions, connecting with the people and fueling the will to dance and have a great time. Filling the dancefloor with crowds that connect with their passion. Alan has over 15 years of experience as DJ, and more than 8 producing for his own label and for other electronic music labels. In his studio he has also highlighted as a sound designer, mix and mastering engineer. Since 2011, he is leading music production and engineering masterclasses and workshops. Joel is one of the top upcoming DJs in Barcelona. When he steps into the cabin he quickly heightens the pulse - the biorhythms - of the dance floor with his dark and deep sounds. He is increasingly becoming a known DJ in different clubs around Barcelona’s and in other Spanish cities. Joel also adds to his DJ career his experience as specialized music mixing teacher. After spending some time performing solo acts on stage and clubs, Alan and Joel add up their experience and musical background to create Antinode. Antinode’s goal is to share their very unique musical sound and "bite" the electronic music scene, joining music festivals line-ups, clubs, and events all around Europe and (why not) worldwide. This tandem understands each other to full perfection, like an acoustic musical instrument can “vibrate at the same frequency”. That's how Antinode define themselves. Antinode is a cutting-edge and forward-thinking techno, with a unique mindset and no sounds limit. Electronic music that sounds at both extremes of its frequencies, from the cabin to the center of the dance floor.

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