Genocide in Yemen

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The specter and reality of war haunts humanity. The imperialist expansion of NATO and right-wing Russian nationalism continue to escalate tensions in the Ukraine, where CIA backed fascist paramilitaries roam the streets. While Russian invasion would prove devastating for the workers of the world, further US intervention would only make things worse. War is only rational for the profiteers in the military industrial complex. Deescalation and peace are the only sensible pathways for those who value human life. A devastating war in the Middle East rages on with deafening silence from the corporate media. Saudi jets drop American made bombs on Yemeni civillians. Bombardment has not only reduced cities to rubble, but has shaken the economy to its core. Dylan and Kawthar join us to discuss the horrifying US backed Saudi led genocide in Yemen and the efforts by antiimperialists in the United States to organize to end it. Join the rally in front of Meeks’ Jamaica office on March 1st 12pm, 153-01 Jamaica Ave Call 1-833-STOP-WAR Ask them to oppose an FTO designation as well (this is more recent) Yemeni Alliance Committee Is continuing to lobby around this, Adam Schiff’s office NYC-DSA Anti-War Working Group Email us, Follow us, @nycDSAantiwar

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