13: Solo Spice Girls '98 - '00

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In anticipation for the Spice Girls' 2019 reunion tour, David and Joel take a wine-filled trip back to the iconic Solo Spice Girls era between 1998 and 2000. After Geri leaving the band in 1998, the stage was set for an exciting and hectic two-and-a-half years which saw 21 Spice-related records fired out, spawning five solo careers, two heated chart battles, and millions of singles sold worldwide. We take a look at the launch of Mel B's R&B-flavoured solo career, Geri's headline-snatching "Schizophonic" era including the unforgettable 2000s Brit Awards moment, Melanie C's confident and critically-nodded "Northern Star" debut, and Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham's tentative first steps out with 'What I Am' and 'Out of Your Mind'... and all that's in between! Prepare to immerse yourself in the chaos and colour of overlapping solo and Spice Girls campaigns as five individuals make their mark, while a third Spice Girls album - "Forever" - looms large.

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