9: Holly Valance, Bec Cartwright, Tammin Sursok, Stephanie McIntosh - Aussie Soap Star to Popstar Special

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This week David and Joel take things Down Under for a special episode covering the iconic 2000s "Neighbours" and "Home and Away" stars who hit the pop charts!

They cover:

  • Delta Goodrem’s original teen-pop debut pre-"Neighbours": ‘I Don’t Care’

  • Holly Valance’s mark on the music scene with the global megahit ‘Kiss Kiss’ and debut album "Footprints" following her departure from "Neighbours" - plus her cult classic second album "State of Mind"

  • "Home & Away" darling Bec Cartwright’s (better known these days as Bec Hewitt) debut single ‘All Seats Taken’ and her self-titled album.

  • Tammin Sursok’s singles after she left "Home & Away", including 'Pointless Relationship', and her subsequent Hollywood success.

  • Stephanie McIntosh’s debut single ‘Mistake’ and debut album "Tightrope", her reality show "The Steph Show" and Joel going to her "Loose Women" interview and his continuing fandom for her bops.

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