Rod Arquette Show, Welfare, the State & Church in Utah

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4:20 pm: Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter joins the program to discuss his recent piece on why people are shrugging off the omicron variant of covid-19
4:38 pm: ProPublica reporter Eli Hager joins the program to discuss his recent piece about how welfare is tough to obtain in Utah, and how some people feel they must join the LDS Church in order to receive the aid
6:05 pm: Utah State Treasurer Marlo Oaks joins Rod for a conversation about why his office is pushing back against banking institutions that have pledged to boycott working with fossil fuel industries
6:20 pm: Representative Paul Ray is leaving the Utah Legislature after 20 years in office to become the Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs for the Utah Department of Health and Human Services and he joins Rod to discuss his years in the House
6:35 pm: Larry Gelwix of Columbus Travel joins the show for a conversation about how Joe Biden’s latest travel restrictions because of the omicron variant could affect travel and tourism in the U.S.

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