Beyond MFA: Why Multi-factor Alone Is Not a Fail-Safe for Identity Protection

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Most organizations have moved beyond the insecure username and password access control a long time ago and started using multifactor authentication. But as Yahoo, Deloitte, and LinkedIn know, MFA won’t always save the company from a data breach. Not only has MFA access been defeated multiple times by attackers, but users hate it. It’s cumbersome, annoying, increasingly exploitable. In this podcast Violet Sullivan and Jessica Smith will discuss the evolution of MFA, why and how it can be exploited, and what organizations can and should do to address access control in a way that keeps their data security and users happy. Speakers: Jessica Smith, Vice President of Client Services, AllClear ID Health Violet Sullivan, Esq. CIPP/US, Vice President of Client Engagement, Redpoint Cybersecurity Kacy Zurkus, Content Strategist, RSAC

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