Is this rock bottom for the Blue Jays? (Ep. 129)

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Where to start? The Toronto Blue Jays get swept by the New York Yankees in a brutal, bone-crushing three game collapse at Sahlen Field. It had everything: blown leads, players screaming at each other, getting screwed by the umpires and a triple play, not to mention a lifetime of anguish. Is this rock bottom for the Blue Jays? For all of our mental health, we hope so. Where does Toronto go from here? Why haven't they made a bullpen move yet? Mark, Bryson and Jacob talk about Ross Stripling's blow-up, horrible defense, missed offensive opportunities and everything wrong in the world. Buckle up. Subscribe to Section 138 on YouTube for video podcasts and live streams: Support our Patreon at Follow @section138pod on Instagram and Twitter. Music: "Giving Up," Whitney.

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