A Message from a Tree

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30th January, 2022

I am asleep in my parents’ house in England and I wake up in that body, when this happens I believe I am already in the astral, it is as if I am mind awake/body asleep in that body, I get up out of my body, there is someone with me, my Dad is also there. To start with we just hang around the house for a bit and the person with me, not sure if male or female, starts to change his/her appearance as if manipulating energy and he/she becomes what looks like a sort of red gel, but not solid red gel there are patches of white too.

We fly out into the garden where there are some big, beautiful trees, we fly off to the left, and I pass a smallish tree, my friend is behind me and tells me to wait as the tree knows me. I go back to the tree and it says ‘Hello’ it says that it recognizes me but hasn’t seen me for ages. Maybe it remembers me from when I used to play in the garden as a child. We have a little conversation and it tells me that trees move, tree spirits move. I am getting some sort of name in my head but I have such difficulty in trying to remember it, as if it keeps changing. The name I wake up with in something like ‘Fantacadebra’ but this isn’t how the name started out. The tree also tells me that some trees die when they have a lump on their side, I have an image in my head of a smallish circular protrusion coming from the upper side of a tree, a sort of purple shade on top. The tree spirit tells me this is a critical time for Nature. Then I see, what I believe is the spirit of the tree, disappearing like a black silhouette in the distance. It is a bit like a stick person hard to describe, this is one of those times when I wish I was good at art.

I seem to be having more and more ‘tree experiences’ this one I think had a message for everyone when the tree spirit says that this is a critical time for Nature, if this is true for Nature it is also true for us as without Nature we don’t stand much of a chance of survival. We must make more of an effort to look after what nourishes us.

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Happy travels!

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