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It’s great having multiple exits but as I’ve said before they can get confusing.

I wake up in mind awake/body asleep and feel the tell tale electrical sensations that tell me I’m about to leave my body. So I get up out of my body and go over to the window to fly through, however, strangely it has shutters over it on the inside, usually there is nothing. I then hear a cat meow and a little kitten walks past me, then pick it up though it’s not very happy and bites me, I shut it in the bathroom for now as the dog might come up. I’m not really thinking straight as I know my dog is shut in a room downstairs presumably asleep but then he pops in my room, maybe an astral version lol or maybe these are just thought forms invented by my own mind.

I re-enter my body and leave it again, I go over to the window and this time there are no shutters and I fly through. Below me is a town, it is dark but I can see the lights of of the buildings, I think I say to my higher self ‘take me where I need to be,’ and I shoot off at high speed, though I feel there is something I need to do in the town below me. I’m not sure if what happened next is the real order or whether I re-entered my body and exited again. I fly down to the town and go into a house where there is a man who needs help for his daughter, I feel we are in the past, his daughter is in a kind of institution where there are other children, they all are subjected to electric shock treatment. It’s not working for his daughter and she has to get sent to Rome for further treatment. I don’t remember anymore though I know there was more to it than this.

The next thing I remember is being back in my body and feeling strong electrical sensations, I get up out of my body once more, and find myself with a dilemma, the bathroom door is open and inside are 3 or 4 children all are ill and need help, I’m not sure what I should do, stay in my room or fly through the window, after that I don’t remember anything and I wake up.

I am starting to think that multiple exits don’t work for my mind lol as I can’t always remember the order of events and things get mixed up. However, going in and out of your body multiple times is a real buzz, and in these experiences there is certainly an indication that I need to stay in my room, I believe this could be saying ‘work on yourself’ the ill children in the bathroom could represent aspects of myself that need cleansing, or they are children who have come to be to be cleansed, either way it’s the job that is important not the reason or for whom. I put the kitten in the bathroom too, a helpless little thing though not without defenses as it bit me.

When I woke up I forced myself to write a few notes about my experiences, it is sometimes difficult when you are half asleep to motivate yourself to write down OBEs, lucid dreams or dreams, but you just have to write a few key words and you will be able to salvage the memory. On waking I had completely forgotten about the kitten and the man with the daughter who needed help and although some things I still didn’t remember my notes helped me in bringing back some details.

So always keep pen and paper near your bed.

I think this is a period of life on Earth where we are being required to cleanse ourselves of negative energy, from all that may lower our vibration, so wherever you are stay focused in joy, if feelings come up that cause disharmony don’t brush them under the carpet, acknowledge them and try to discover the cause, if there is no apparent cause visualise yourself transmuting that lower vibration type energy to positive higher vibration energy. Remember, we are a work in progress, we just have to keep going and doing the inner work.

Happy travels!

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