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We're back with a new season of SaaS Open Mic. To kick things off, I talk to Andrew Gazdecki (@agazdecki), former CEO of Bizness Apps & Altcoin (both acquired).

His most recent venture is MicroAquire, a marketplace designed to help startups get acquired. Andrew shares his goal to make a thousand millionaires by helping entrepreneurs exit.

“The genesis of the idea was, I looked at the market, I saw a lot of options for startups looking to sell.”

Tune in for advice about building, selling, and still loving your SaaS businesses.

Also, Andrew pushes a competition with the Hustle to give away a SaaS business up to $25,000.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • How Andrew got the idea to start MicroAcquire
  • Why you shouldn't go all in on starting a company until it starts to work
  • Who acquires startups and how that's changed
  • What is due diligence, how to value a SaaS company, how to negotiate a LOI
  • Strategies to attract buyers
  • The 3 stages of SaaS: invention, go-to-market models, and building your brand
  • Understanding and storytelling with SaaS metrics (Net Cash Flow, Churn, CAC, LTV)

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