The House In Between | A Conversation With John Bullard

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John Bullard would spend much of his childhood wondering where the strange whispers he heard were coming from. Eventually, he would get validation for his paranormal experience by capturing the dead's voice on tape. This would lead him on a journey to show the rest of the world that we are not alone in the living realm. This would lead him to investigate what became known as "The House In Between." A house that would hold more spirits than anyone could understand.

  • What was The House In Between's owner’s reaction when she started learning that several spirits were in her home?
  • When John began investigating the house, how did he believe two resident entities live there and hold a portal to the other side?
  • Does the longer the same person investigates a house increase the odds of activity taking place?
  • John says the home's energy changes almost every time he visits; how negative or positive does the energy get?
  • How is a portal created in a home and can the living close it if they want to?
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