Two Way Communication A Conversation with Bruce Halliday

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Ghost Box communication is one of the most common phrases you hear today in the world of spirit communication. Through several decades of research, Bruce has been one of the key players in developing and perfecting the practice of what is today known as the “ghost box communication.” What the proper ways to communicate using such a device. What dangers has Bruce encountered along the way? And what does the future hold for two way communication with the dead?
  • Why is it that technicians who help us communicate on the other side seem to be disrespected by many people who use the ghost box, and what are the dangers of doing so?
  • What are the dangers of keeping an exceedingly long ghost box session?
  • Could a ghost box bring spirits back to their dimension?
  • What if you don’t get a response to shut the box off?
  • Are there ever technicians on the other side with malicious intent?
  • Could someone create a haunting by opening a ghost box and not turning it off?
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