Interview With LDR Guru Milena Nguyen

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The most common challenge relative to love that many expats have is the Distance. I myself swear in the past that I would not have a LDR since I couldn't believe I would be brave enough to suffer from the issues that it brings.
I believe this romance issue makes its really hard to couples to enjoy their relationship. People start wondering does it work? some are dare to look forward to a successful relationship and some can't help having so much anxiety and uncertainty because of the distance issue.
That's why today I invited to our podcast a LDR guru: Ms. Milena Nguyen. She is now offering free web-minar helping people not to give up on their love just because of the distance. Moreover, using her 10 years experience in LDR, she is giving out an online course for people struggling in their love. Milena is always a writer, speaker, and coach. She runs coaching programs to help women become beautiful inside-out, experience real love, and live with purpose and power. She's a 2-time TEDx speaker, has spoken at many events on health, love, and self-development. Her first self-help book on long distance relationship will be published in June 2017.

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