Episode 18: South Walk

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On this Episode of Cover Fire Podcast, Nick and Lou sit down with the Midwest Emo Band: South Walk from the United Kingdom. We did our best to keep it music related, but it kept going off the rails and ended up having some really funny stuff happen. In all of our defenses, we were very tired.

In this episode we talk about:

-Their new single out July 16th, called "Camping in Alaska" What the song is about and how you can listen to it.

-The drug called "Monkey Dust" in the UK, and how it gives you spider-man like powers

-How our podcast has grown

-The movie Dunston Checks in. Lou hasn't seen it, but everyone else agrees that it is a cinematic masterpiece

-How many hot dogs they can fit in their mouths. The highest number to date.

-Fast food restaurants in the UK

-All of our current daily music playlists. Too include: Section H8, Teeth, Bitterwood and many others

-How their band formed

-How they wish people would provide actual feedback, instead of patting their backs, even when they don't like something

and so much more

Follow South Walk on Facebook: (3) South Walk | Facebook

Listen to South Walk on Spotify: Spotify – South Walk

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