The Hansel and Gretel Code explicit

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this is the podcast for people who love fairytales, and who'd love to find out what they really mean... and the meaning in Hansel and Gretel is the key to a treasure far beyond our wildest dreams... I've been working on the meaning of dreams, fairytales and the visual arts for over 30 years, and I've discovered that Hansel and Gretel is not just an entertaining story for children ... like a real-life Da Vinci Code, it's a literary and cultural treasure map filled with secret clues that were deliberately written into it... not only to keep them away from a very nasty sort of modern day villain, but to select out those of us who could actually find and understand them... in the podcast, we'll be reading from the 1810 manuscript version of Hansel and Gretel and we'll be examining the many, multi-faceted clues that are packed into each of the 42 sentences of that earliest complete version of the story... each of those clues will not only entertain the hell out of you, they're going to change the way you see the world and everyone in it... come on this trip through Hansel and Gretel's forest with me and I guarantee you're going to learn how to read fairytale clues like this for yourself... and not only that... the treasure we're going to find, well, that will be the key to our very own happily ever after... so if you're game, follow the Hansel and Gretel Code on whatever app floats your boat and then visit the website for links, transcripts and plenty of extra surprises along the way...

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