End of Season Extravaganza

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It’s our last show of the season and our biggest one yet! Warren and Kevin kick things off by discussing the world juniors where Canada was relegated on the women’s side, and the guys explain what that means. We also look ahead to next season and how the event schedule is shaping up.

Should curling clubs dial back their rules for league play? Warren explains in Hot Rock Topics why emulating the pro game doesn’t necessarily translate to the clubs.

We empty out our inbox for our Mailbag segment answering your questions about moving the hog line, how to get kids and younger adults into curling, and why some curlers use a different brush or a corn broom while sliding.

In Storytime, Kevin pays tribute to his dear friend Thomas Ulsrud, who passed away from cancer recently.

We have not one but three guests for our season finale as we’re joined by Sportsnet’s Kristina Rutherford (31:48), Postmedia’s Ted Wyman (51:50) and Gregory Strong (1:10:30) of the Canadian Press. We meet the press to chat about what they believe were the biggest curling stories of the season, who were the best teams in the world, the future of mixed doubles, which player or team surprised them the most, and what lies ahead for curling in Canada plus what needs to change.

This podcast is produced by Amil Delic and Warren Hansen, recorded and mixed by Mike Rogerson, and hosted by Kevin Martin, Warren Hansen and Jim Jerome. Production support by Jonathan Brazeau and Griffin Porter.

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the position of Rogers Sports & Media or any affiliates.

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