EP 84: The CIA triad - The Basis of Cyber Security (Confidentiality)

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In this short episode, Jason and Kip discuss the first aspect of the CIA Triad which is Confidentiality.

They break down the critically important confidentiality point and how it works in the real world, highlighting that it's not about the information itself but more likely about where that information is in the flow.

They also mention how confidentiality is brought up in certification exams and how it's always connected to encryption.

They finish up by doing some mock interview questions about things like secure erase, encryption, and secure file transfer to simulate situations that you could face when applying for cybersecurity jobs.

What You’ll Learn

What are the three states of data?

● What questions related to confidentiality could you meet in your certification exams?

● What interview questions could you get on confidentiality and how to answer them perfectly?

● What is the difference between SFTP and FTPS?

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