Power of Pure Presence S1:E6

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Pause & Breathe - This Episode originally streamed live on location at Amico Island Park

Join me for the all-new Podcast, Power of Pure Presence when I will help you get grounded, connect to nature, and learn to live more in the present moment.

I used to live my life in the future. I was "destination addicted." In other words, I was so focused on some future goal, I devalued the present moment. I would create a lot of resistance in myself. It caused me a lot of problems and discontent.

This is why I am launching this show. I want to help you alleviate this discontent and appreciate the moment more. I want you to fall in love with the process of living and avoid the trap of obsessive future focus.

This show grew out of my many morning videos and videos out in nature. Also, this show is an evolution from the Flashpoint Mantra, "Get Free, Stay Present, & Move Forward."

The Power of Pure Presence will ensure you are more in the present moment and enjoying the journey. After all, your fulfillment is right now. No future moment can make now better. Now, it can only get better right now.

Take advantage of this unique programming. We stream live on e360tv, YouTube, and Facebook every Sunday at 10:00 AM EST. This program will also be available on Apple TV, Amazon, Fire TV, & Roku. The audio from this podcast was taken directly from this live stream.

This audio was recorded live on August 07, 2022.

“The Reed Flute's Work

I say to the reed flute, You do the work,

yet you know sweet secrets too.

You share the Friend's breathing.

What could you need from me?

The reed replies, Knowledge is total

destruction. I say, Burn me completely then

and leave no knowing.

How could I, when it's knowledge that leads us?

But this knowledge has lost compassion

and grown disgusted with itself.

It has forgotten about silence and emptiness.

A reed flute has nine holes

and is a model of human consciousness,

beheaded, though still in love with lips.

This is your disgrace, this moaning.

Weep for the sounds you make.”

― Rumi, The Essential Rumi

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