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Rich Hribar and Dan Pizzuta preview Week 16 and the NFL Christmas games with breakdowns of their favorite matchups: Cardinals vs Colts, Lions vs Falcons, Ravens vs Bengals, Eagles vs Giants, Patriots vs Bills, Chiefs vs Steelers, Chargers vs Texans, Texans vs Jets

How did the Cardinals lose to the Lions? How can they bounce back against the Colts? Will Jonathan Taylor be too much for them to handle? Is Carson Wentz good?

The Lions are coming off a huge win over the Cardinals. Can they keep it going? Will Jared Goff play? Dan gives his case for why A.J. Terrell should be in the Pro Bowl.

In a game where Lamar Jackson may not play, the winner could cash their ticket to the playoffs. Dan professes his love for Tyler Huntley. Do Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase and the Bengals offense have the juice to win this game.

With Jake Fromm likely starting for the Giants, what can the Eagles pass rush do to him?

Is Patriots vs Bills the AFC East Championship game? What does this game mean for each team? Can the Patriots overcome injury problems after losing to the Colts? Can Josh Allen have success with Cole Beasley out?

The Chiefs have Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce on the COViD list. Can they win without one or both of them? Can the Steelers do anything to stop Patrick Mahomes?

Can the Chargers get healthy on defense?

One team has to win. But have either the Texans or the Jets done anything to inspire hope though? Is Zach Wilson the answer for the Jets?

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