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Rich Hribar and Dan Pizzuta Preview the top matchups of the first ever NFL Week 18: Chargers vs Raiders, Colts vs Jaguars, Rams vs 49ers, Falcons vs Saints, Seahawks vs Cardinals

Was adding Week 18 a mistake? There aren’t many playoff spots left and the NFL has some meaningless games in prime time.

Chargers vs Raiders is a “win and in” scenario for both teams unless the Jaguars lose which opens the door for some interesting playoff scenarios. Will Justin Herbert take this game over? Can Derek Carr do anything against the Chargers defense?

Colts vs Jaguars could be the biggest scoreboard watch game for other teams in the AFC but should you have any hope in the Jags to pull out a win?

The Rams could clinch the NFC West with a win but the 49ers need a win to make the playoffs. Will we see Trey Lance or Jimmy Garropolo? Will the 49ers be able to overcome a COVID outbreak? They look at Odell Beckham Jr.’s impact on the Rams.

Can the Falcons beat the Saints to keep them out of the playoffs? Rich and Dan breakdown the matchup and how good Matt Ryan has been for what he’s had.

They walk through the NFL’s decision to move Eagles vs Cowboys and Chiefs vs Broncos to Saturday.

Could this be Russell Wilson’s last game in Seattle? Will the Seahawks shake up the NFC playoff picture by beating Kyler Murray and the Cardinals?

Can anyone challenge Mike Vrabel for coach of the year?

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