Jumanji (1995)

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Robin Williams has a patchy history on "Shat The Movies." He shined in "Good Will Hunting" (don't tell Gene) and flopped in "Hook." Will "Jumanji" be his redemption?

Sure, the special effects are a bit dated and the rules are a bit silly, but this movie has the nostalgia of the Caledecott Medal-winning book and the staying power of the recently refreshed series. "Jumanji" also has a great villain, a solid cast, and emotional notes that other Robin Williams movies sometimes lack.

In this podcast, the Shat Crew discusses whitewashing the '60s, what jungle life can do to a man, easily frightened girls, indestructible Chevrolets, and the fallout from altering history. And, of course, we tell the world how we'd be so much better at playing a board game.

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