A Guide to Tax Time for Small Business Owners (Ft. Wendy Barlin)

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If you’re a small business owner (or anyone who pays taxes), you may have felt fear or frustration at trying to figure out all the legal and financial pieces.

Maybe you’ve even stressed yourself out asking questions like: What’s the difference between tax deductions and credits? Do I need to pay my taxes quarterly? What’s the difference between revenue and profit and why does it even matter? How do I know what to deduct?

In this episode, Jordan is taking all the stress away with author and CPA Wendy Barlin. Wendy brings a wealth of knowledge as she walks through how to understand taxes and answers listener questions on profit, cash flow, and deductions.

Get those headphones ready and tune in to learn:

  • What the difference is between revenue and profit
  • Why revenue isn’t the goal (and what is)
  • How to handle taxes to maximize profits
  • How LLC’s and S Corps differ when it comes to taxes
  • What the difference is between tax deductions and tax credits
  • When to pay taxes
  • How to determine what’s deductible

To learn more about Wendy, visit www.aboutprofit.com

And if you’re looking to achieve profitability for your business, check out the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.

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